Style Encore Review

I love second-hand shopping. When I lived in Muskegon I would go to many second-hand stores to see what treasures I could find including: Goodwill, Salvation Army, Dibs, The Attic, and, one of my personal favorites, Plato’s Closet. Plato’s Closet is a resale shop that will buy trending, newly used cloths from those cleaning out their closets and resell them for a very reasonable price. When you shop at resale stores that are not selective you are asking for a hunt for newly used items but at Plato’s you are guaranteed to find something that is totally you and has barely been worn! Plato’s Closet reaches out to young women and men in their late teens through their early twenties; but where can you buy and sell your clothing once you’ve hit your mid to late twenties and are no longer shopping at Abercrombie? Winmark, creator of Plato’s Closet, come up with Style Encore. Similar to Plato’s, Style Encore takes in and resells newly used cloths that are trending in the 25+ world. They take in cloths from brands such as: Loft, Ralph Lauren, Anthropologie, JCrew, etc. Being a woman in her mid-twenties these are the brands my style is shifting towards and so when I was asked to do a review for Style Encore I was very curious!

I did my review on the Portage Style Encore on a Tuesday afternoon. As soon as I walked into Style Encore I was greeted by their friendly staff. Both employees were busy with someone else but they still took the time to greet me and assure me that someone would be able to assist me shortly. I first met with store owner Lori and store manager Madeline, whom, I could tell by their excitement to show me around, love their jobs at Style Encore! I always enjoy going into a business where the employees actually want to be there. The staff was friendly from start to finish. They came around to see how I was doing and to take clothing I had taken off the rack to a dressing room so I did not need to carry them around; which is smart because once my hands get full I feel that I need to stop shopping (I probably do at that point lol) but it frees my hands for more finds! I observed that they did this for all their customers. I even witnessed one customer that would open her fitting room door to get an opinion by the staff. I felt that gave Style Encore an edge that will bring women back.

I first started in the back of the store which had purses, blazers, and dress pants. The store was very organized, by color and size, which I appreciated. Then it moved into dresses, tops, shorts, tanks, etc all the way to the front of the store. One of my favorite features of Style Encore is that they have about 5 displays which have a few purses, wallets, necklaces, shoes, and scarves that all match; all yellow, all blue, etc. This not only could help someone who is looking for a specific color but inspire an outfit for a customer who is not really sure how to shop. The store has a great selection of neutral colors for those who like their earth tones but most of their clothing was rich in color and detail. That is something that is hard to find in many resale shops.


As I was looking through the dresses Perfect Day by Huko came on. It’s best known from being at the beginning of Legally Blonde. It made me feel girly and confident. Suddenly I grabbed the dress I didn’t think I could pull off thinking “WHY can’t I pull this off!” Their playlist was all girl power motivational and when I left the store I did feel an inch more confident. I can definitely see a woman who is having a bad day going into Style Encore and leaving with a boost of energy!

IMG_6138 (1)
I found many items I loved and was greeted at the dressing room to try them on. Once I had decided on my final purchases I made my way to the check out. I found a tan leather jacket, fur vest (SCORE), a fun spring / summer dress, a black blouse, and a checkered black and white blouse all for $50.00. All was in new condition and ready to go in their new home; my closet! The leather jacket and fur vest were $10 each… at a regular retail store they would have been $30 dollars AT least. It was clear that Style Encore was selective and only took in clothing of good quality.

I really enjoyed my time reviewing Style Encore. From meeting the staff who love their jobs to things as simple as the playlist in the background. These things are all essential for a positive shopping experience. Not to mention I snagged some amazing deals and now my wardrobe is that much cuter! Style Encore is always having 70% off sales, getting new items, and having new perks/ deals so you will find me there again soon!

P.S. Stay tuned for posts on my finds at Style Encore: Leather Jacket – Fur Vest – and more!


Until the next review,


Xoxo, stylemeag ❤


Casual Prints

As a mom casual comfortable outfits are essential! Sometimes I get to dress up but most of the time when I’m spending the day with my daughter, Hayley, I need to wear comfortable, ready to get dirty, flexible clothing! Basically, I have my nice school day cloths and my play cloths just like my daughter. On this particular busy day hanging with my cutie I went with my jeans, elephant print T cardigan, jean jacket and desert booties.


I love FUN thrift finds…for example this elephant print top! I found it for $2.99 at Goodwill. Everyone needs a casual top with their favorite animal on it. This top also reminds me of my friend Johanna. J-ho loves elephant anything!


Also at Goodwill I found this jean jacket and copper cardigan. My style is starting to lean more in favor of earth tones so when I saw this cardigan I needed it to wear over all earth tone tops! For a earthy color…the copper gives a little UMF to my outfit.


My jeans are from American Eagle Outfitters.


The desert boot is a great casual shoe and the tan goes with almost anything. When unsure I can always slip these on quick, be confident they match, and go! These can be found at wetseal but links to a similar shoe can be found at the bottom of this blog post!



My hobo bag is by Desigual. I love this brand because you will find funky designs and colors on ALL of their pieces. They have dresses, shoes, tops, wallets, etc but I love their purses and since there are so many colors in each design you can also pair this purse with any outfit.


IMG_5271 (1)

As for my hair, which I chopped because I just don’t know how to do my own hair, I went with this simple side braid which can be done with long or short hair!


This day was full of fun with my husband and daughter but having a comfortable outfit on made it that much more enjoyable!



Till the next casual day out…which will be SOON



xoxo, stylemeag ❤

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Elephant print top – jean jacket – cardigan  – booties


Valentine’s Day Quiz

As you all know Valentine’s Day is coming up quick. It is time to find that perfect dress, lipstick, and pair of shoes to impress that special someone on this romantic holiday. BUT… it is very important to think about what your significant other will be seeing at the end of the night…a.k.a BRA & PANTIES. These two things are just as important as what will be covering them for the first part of your romantic evening. Thirdlove, a bra retail site that sells bras (and panties) that fit many breast shapes and sizes reached out and wanted me to share their quiz with my readers. This means maximum comfort and a better look. It’s important that the girls look good at all times and lets face it…not all bras help with looks or comfort. Thirdlove wants to help women avoid that awkward feel and look by showing you bras that actually fit YOUR breast. To help with your perfect bra for Valentine’s Day below is the Thirdlove bra quiz for YOU to find your perfect bra. So lets see what we find out:


I’m a sucker for the sweet stuff: 24/7 Isn’t She Lovely Lace. What kind of bra will you find yourself in this Valentine’s Day? Check out Thirdlove’s bra collection page here & since you are a stylemeag follower here is your exclusive promo code below to use towards your purchase! Good for 15% off your purchase now through 02/29/2016.


Whether your going out with your friends to see the new movie How To Be Single or your having a romantic night out with your favorite guy make sure your bra is on point in comfort and in style.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Poncho In Chi-Town

My husbands new job is exciting because he gets to travel! For the next couple of weeks he will be in Chicago…which means Hayley and I left little ol Norton Shores to hit up the big city! For our trip to the city I decided to rock my grey poncho, knee high velvet boots, and black dress.


I found my poncho at Goodwill in Muskegon for $2.99! There are so many different styled ponchos to wear: with sleeves, without sleeves, furry, knitted, etc. Right now the poncho is definitely in. The black dress I’m wearing is simple and can be worn with or under anything! It is from the Gap.


My boots are from Charolette Russe. They are having a buy one get one for $10 right now… PERFECT! Plus I got a gift card to the store from my mom for Christmas. Thanks mom! This is my first pair of boots that go above the knee and I love them. I feel like they give me a little extra sass and class!


Accessory wise: I wore favorite Coach metallic pink glasses. I love the shape of these frames. They have a Grease Pink Ladies chic to them. The pink added that extra color to my outfit that it needed.


The city of Chicago has a lot of unique art from elegant statues to fun quirky graphics. One of my favorites was this moose!


While in the city we visited Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor; also known as the bean. We wanted to show Hayley the famous reflection that draws everyone to Millennium Park.


FullSizeRender (11).jpg

Hayley was pooped from seeing all the sites but she had a great day visiting her dad. No matter where Ben’s new job sends him we will have fun visiting and spending that quality family time together that we have been wishing for!

Till the next location,

xoxo, stylemeag ❤

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Similar PonchoSimilar Boots – Similar Black Dress  Similar Glasses


Visits and Sweater Dresses

As I mentioned before my husband is currently in Ann Arbor training for his new job. That is about 3 hours from our home so it’s a little hike! My daughter and I went up to Ann Arbor this past weekend to visit Ben and we had a blast. She was so excited when she saw him! She does this “happy dance” where she rocks back and forth and as soon as she saw him it was “happy dance” time.


She had a great time in the hotel and so did I! His room is great and it was a fun little get away for us. This past weekend was super cold so we packed warm sweaters and PJ’s. I went with this sweater dress, leggings, leg warmer, and my new duck boots to stay toasty warm.


I found the sweater dress at Goodwill, originally from Old Navy, for $3.99. I love the way it fits and it is super comfortable. My leggings are by Hue; my go to leggings store.



My duck  boots were a gift from my grandma. She always gets be the best boots! They are by Sporto. The inside is faux fur lined and the wellie bottoms keep my feet dry and warm.


The leg warmers are from JcPenny but I have found that Hallmark is a great place to get super cute leg warmers! They have many mini fashion finds that are chic and cute.


We stayed cozy warm snuggled up to Ben and had a relaxing weekend in our PJ’s.



Hayley also took a bath in daddy’s hotel bath tub. She loved it even though she looks very concerned. She is getting so good at sitting up by herself!


We are so proud of Ben. He is doing great in his training for the new company he is working for. We are going up again this weekend so stay tuned for more fun pictures!

Happy Hump Day!

Xoxo, stylemeag ❤

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The Skinny

So lately blogging has been challenging because…


So here is the skinny on why I might be taking a few weeks off blogging but then coming back full force.

My husband was a chemist at a company in Whitehall Michigan on second shift. He loved his job but just not his hours. Since I was working first shift we never seen each other! It was great for daycare…but hard for us as a family. No family time!


He got offered a position as a technologist (yes my husband only gets jobs with scientisty names) at a company in Kalamazoo on first shift. It was what we have been waiting for! There was no end to second shift in site for him in our home town so now it was time for us to make a BIG move.


My husband has to go train in Ann Arbor Michigan for three months! So we get weekends but that means Hayley and I are holding down the fort for a while. We have almost made it through our first week out of 14 WEEKS of training. Yes, I’m counting down. So far my husband is liking his training and time in Ann Arbor.


Thank goodness we have Facetime! So why is it hard to blog? Well my husband is also my photographer. I’m just not great with the full body selfies… Plus, Hayley and I are busy packing things here and there. Packing wears us both out!



I got this great job as a full time Fashion and Home Decor writer for the Women’s Lifestyle Magazine in Kalamazoo. That means I’m going to be posting more about fashion and even some great home decor tips! So, stayed tuned for my new and improved blog coming soon after the move!


Miss you all already!

xoxo, stylemeag ❤






Burrr. The snow has finally fallen and winter has officially hit Michigan. For a while I was thinking I might not need any large knitted sweaters this year but I spoke too soon! For this very cold Michigan winter day I threw on my yellow knitted sweater, black distressed jeans, and cheetah print shoes.


Similar Sweater


I love an over sized sweater. It keeps you so warm and snug! Plus, it hides all the food you’ve been storing for the winter…

TIP: Over sized sweaters can be hard to find so I usually just buy a sweater that is two sizes bigger than what I usually wear. This sweater is by A.N.A at JcPenny.



IMG_4425 (1)

My distressed jeans are from Forever21. They are my favorite but dark denim jeans would look great with this sweater too!


Similar Black Distressed Jeans

This mustard yellow looks great with cheetah print and I will take any opportunity to wear these fun flats from Target.


Cheetah Print Flats

Get ready for over sized sweater posts! It that time of year!



P.S. Hayley’s first time sledding ^ snow baby.

xoxo, stylemeag ❤